"This works great, what can I say!"
- barry
"My dad (A WWII & Korean War Vet) thought buying some of these would be a good investment. We received two already and now my wife wants one, that's a first! What a great introduction to first time handgun learners."
- Steven S.
"Rockwell Armes is the BEST to deal with. I Per Order my gun and it said 3to6 months, in less than 2 months I had my gun. Rockwell Arms called my FFl and got a copy from him with me having to not do anything next I knew the gun was shipped."
- Mike
"if you're left handed, the ambi safety is essential...Sig quality and beauty!...lightweight...paired with a Kirkpatrick custom-made concealed holster, and you're traveling in style"
- scinmyheart (Roy)
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