Firearm Safety

Rockwell Arms strongly supports the right of U.S. citizens to keep and bear arms and encourages responsible firearm ownership.  Be safe; be proficient; and understand and comply with the law.  Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

1.  Always treat a firearm as though it is loaded.

You should assume every gun you handle is loaded and treat it as such.

2.  Never point a firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot.

Always be in control of your muzzle and keep it pointed in a safe direction. 

3.  Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

Your finger should be completely out of the trigger guard until you are aiming at your target and ready to fire. 

4. Always identify your target.

Keep in mind what is around and beyond your target as well as what might be obscured from view.  Be mindful of the possibility of ricochets.

3.  Never rely on your safety.

Like any mechanical device, a safety can fail. Do not compromise safe firearm handling because your safety is engaged.

5.  Use the proper ammunition and safety equipment.

Only use ammunition that is high quality and ensure that it is designed for the exact firearm you are using.   Always wear hearing and eye protection when shooting.  Wear eye protection when cleaning or maintaining your firearm.  

6.  Watch for malfunctions.

If your gun fails to fire, keep your muzzle pointed downrange for several seconds.  If nothing happens (i.e., no hangfire), eject the misfired round, dispose of it properly, and inspect your firearm.  If you notice a difference in recoil (i.e., there is more or less of a kick than usual), STOP SHOOTING IMMEDIATELY and inspect your barrel as there may be a bullet lodged inside.

7.  Shoot only in authorized areas.

Be considerate, thoughtful and safe when shooting or hunting on public land and ask permission before shooting or hunting on private land.  Common sense and courtesy go a long way.

8.  Learn to clean and maintain your firearm.

Carefully consult your owner’s manual. Don’t over-lubricate, as that may cause excessive chamber pressure and will attract unwanted dirt and debris.  Be sure the barrel and chamber are clean, dry, and free from obstruction.   

Common Sense:

1.  Keep firearms safely stored.  This is best done by keeping firearms locked in a safe.  If you are concerned about quick access to your firearm, look into biometric safes and other technological innovations that allow safe and quick access to your firearm.

2.  Report stolen firearms immediately to local law enforcement authorities.  Keep a personal record of your firearm serial numbers so they can be provided to help identify and recover your stolen firearm.

3.  Firearms should not be kept in homes whose residents suffer from addictions, mental illness, or depression. 

4.  Firearms should not be kept in homes whose residents are felons or subject to domestic protection orders. 

5.  Never obliterate the serial number on a firearm or purchase or sell a firearm whose serial number is unclear.  In most states it is a crime to obliterate a serial number, but in any event, it unwisely subjects the owner to questions about the firearm’s history (and future). 

 6.  Discuss firearm safety with your children; ensure they are taught the importance of firearm safety and the need for competent adult supervision.

7.  Teach your family members how to handle firearms.  Training develops a respect for the destructive power of a firearm and helps children understand the importance of respecting and caring for firearms. 

8.  Store your ammunition in the same manner as you store your gun.  Ammunition alone can be dangerous and should be stored where it is not accessible to children.

9.  Do not leave a loaded firearm unattended.  A loaded firearm should either be on your person or in a safe.

10. Every state has its own laws and regulations regarding the transfer of firearms in a vehicle.  You should review and understand your state and local laws. 

11. Practice not only safety, but proficiency as well.  Owning a gun does not make one competent with a gun.  Become familiar with your firearms, their controls and operation and learn how to shoot them well.