Shipping and Returns

Shipping Outside the Continental United States

Unfortunately, due to a number of complications including shipping cost and manufacturer warranty we do not currently ship outside the 48 contiguous United States. If you do live in Hawaii or Alaska, please give one of our customer service representatives a call, and we can help arrange shipping to you. There will likely be an additional charge.

Delivery Times

Due to the nature of our product offering, and vast selection of brands, it is difficult to pinpoint a general ship time. On many items we have listed a “Usually Ships In:” time frame which is specific to that particular item. We strongly suggest you check this average ship time. It is located next to the product images under the name and item number. Please note this time frame is an estimate of the time it will take from when the order is placed to when it will ship out. You will still need to allow for time in transit, which can vary depending on the item weight and your location.

For firearms, delivery time is meant to refer to delivery to your local FFL. You will need to arrange with your local FFL for a specific time for you to fill out the paperwork and complete the background check, where necessary. There may be state-specific waiting periods, as well, between the time you complete the background check and the time you can take delivery of your firearm.

Do you have a layaway program, and how does it work?

We do have a layaway program.  To place a firearm on layaway, you pay a 15% non-refundable deposit on the firearm.  We will set the gun aside for 90 days, during which time you will make any payments you wish, as long as payment in full is received before the end of the 90th day.  If you do not pay in full by the end of the layaway period, you forfeit the 15%, and we will refund to you any payment you have made in excess of the 15% (without interest).  Firearms put on layaway cost an additional 5%.  You will not be required to pay interest on any layaway item.  

Shipment Communication and Tracking

Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail which will outline the shipping details for each item in your order. This will include the ship date, tracking number, and a link to the carrier's website. You can track your shipment using the information from your shipping confirmation e-mail.

How do Pre-Orders Work?

We allow you to pre-order guns that are not currently in stock by paying a pre-order fee of $25.00.  The pre-order fee will be applied to the purchase price of the gun, but if you cancel your order, the pre-order fee is non-refundable, unless the estimated time of delivery is exceeded.  For example, if we estimate that a gun will take three to six months to arrive, you may cancel your order and get your pre-order fee back if you have not received your gun within the six months.  At any time, you may change your mind about the order and apply your pre-order fee to another item in our store.  When we receive a pre-ordered gun, we will call and e-mail you to let you know that your gun is in.  Once you pay the balance on the gun, we will ship it to your FFL.

In some cases, our manufacturers raise their prices between the time we order the guns and they time they ship.  In those cases, our policy is to still honor our price to our customer and to pay for the difference.  The only exception is when the price goes up so far that it actually costs us money to make the sale.  In that case, we will notify you of the price increase and give you an opportunity to pay slightly more to keep the order.  If you do not wish to keep the order, we will refund your pre-order fee in full.


For accessories, any order over $49.00 ships free.

For firearms, we charge an amount that reflects the amount we pay to shippers.  This charge is shown on the product page for each item for your convenience.

Damage During Shipment

Our biggest concern is that you are satisfied with your purchase. Please inspect your items upon delivery. In the rare occurrence that your order has been damaged during shipment please note specific damages on the delivery slip with the carrier. Then contact a representative to discuss your options.  

Returns Policy

Custom-Made Items

We cannot accept returns for custom-made items.


The sales and shipping process is time-demanding, and we incur a charge of 2% on credit card purchases the moment the order is placed.  You may cancel your order at any time for any reason, but there will be a 2% cancellation fee to reimburse us for the out-of-pocket charges we have incurred.  We may waive this fee at our discretion, but customers should expect to pay the fee if they are cancelling for reasons beyond Rockwell’s control.  On the other hand, if an order is delivered late, or if we make a mistake on your order, if you choose to cancel, we will not charge a fee. 

If you wish to return an item after it has shipped to you (for any reason other than a mistake we have made), there will be a 15% restocking fee, and you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

All ammunition sales are final.

Once a firearm is delivered through the FFL to you, the firearm sale is final.  If you return the firearm in its original packaging and before opening the packaging, you may return the items, subject to the restocking fees set forth above. In this case, you are responsible for any shipping fees.