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Browning X-Bolt Micro Hunter 243 Win. 20" Rifle B035215211

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Sale Price $789.95

Brand: Browning
Item Number: B035215211
Status: Discontinued
Not Available In:   DC  

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Browning X-Bolt Micro Hunter 243 Win. Caliber 20" Rifle: B035215211

For many years, youngsters and ladies who wanted to hunt and shoot had to adjust to heavy, full-size firearms provided by family and relatives. Browning was one of the first to lead the industry in developing rifles for those persons with a lighter frame. This fine X-Bolt Micro Hunter bolt action rifle with its shortened length-of-pull, and lighter weight make it a smart choice for smaller-framed hunters and shooters. With the same finish, lines and slick features of the X-Bolt Hunter, the Micro will be the choice of younger, smaller stature shooters and a keeper for those who want a lightweight, hard-hitting mountain rifle for the trail. Women who hunt are now the fastest growing segement of hunters in the industry. Here is your ideal rifle!



  • Steel
  • Low-luster blued finish
  • Glass bedded
  • Drilled and tapped for scope mounts


  • Low-luster blued finish
  • Free-floating
  • Hand chambered
  • Target Crown


  • Bolt-action
  • 60° bolt lift
  • Adjustable Feather Trigger™
  • Detachable rotary magazine
  • Top-tang safety
  • Bolt Unlock Button


  • Satin finish walnut stock
  • Sized for smaller shooters


  • Sling swivel studs installed
  • Inflex Technology recoil pad
  • Scope and mounts not included


60° Bolt

Browning X-Bolt and A-Bolt rifles have a short 60° bolt lift. Many competitors' rifles incorporate a 90° bolt lift that is not only slower and cumbersome but places the bolt near or on the rifle's scope, making the bolt more difficult to operate.

Target Crown

The muzzle of the barrel is specially machined to protect the rifling, therefore preserving and protecting accuracy. This is a critical feature on any barrel. If riflings are damaged in any way, especially at the muzzle, accuracy suffers and it is often difficult to determine the cause.

Feather Trigger

For precise shooting in the field or off the bench, there’s absolutely no substitute for a good, predictable trigger. The X-Bolt’s new three-lever Feather Trigger provides a clean, crisp pull with no take-up or creep and minimal overtravel. The trigger is screw adjustable from 3 to 5 lbs. and factory pre-set at approximately 3 1/2 lbs. An alloy trigger housing contains the hard chromed steel components that are highly polished on all critical contact surfaces. Precise engagement angles mean the X-Bolt Feather Trigger feels light and right and stays that way through many thousands of rounds. Unlike competitors’ triggers with secondary fingerpiece levers, the Feather Trigger is designed right, from the very start.

Detachable Rotary Magazine

An all new detachable rotary magazine is incorporated into the X-Bolt. Constructed from a durable lightweight polymer, the magazine is designed to feed cartridges directly in-line with the bolt, instead of offset as with traditional leaf-spring magazines, for a straight shot right into the chamber. An ergonomic magazine-mounted release lets the magazine rotate directly downward and into your hand. The magazine sits flush with the bottom of the rifle for a sleeker appearance. Additional magazines can be kept loaded and carried in your pocket or pack for easy access.

Bolt Unlock Button

The bolt unlock button works in conjunction with the top-tang safety to provide an added measure of safety during checking and unloading of the chamber. Conveniently located on top of the bolt lever, the bolt unlock button allows the bolt to be unlocked and opened with the safety in the on safe position. The safety blocks the trigger sear and features a firing pin block for added safety.

Inflex Technology

The new Inflex Technology recoil pad is the softest pad on any autoloader. More than a mass of recoil absorbing material, it has been engineered with directional deflection to pull the comb down and away from the face of the shooter with every shot for even greater comfort and faster follow-up shooting.

Additional Information

Specification Details
Model X-Bolt Micro Hunter
Caliber 243 Win.
Action Type Short Action
Magazine Capacity 4
Barrel Length 20"
Nominal Overall Length 39 1/2"
Nominal Length of Pull 13 5/16"
Nominal Drop at Comb 11/16"
Nominal Drop at Heel 1/2"
Weight 6 lbs. 2 oz.
Rate of Twist 1 turn in 10"
Metal Finish Low-Luster Blued Finish
Wood Finish Satin Finish
Stock/Grip Walnut


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