Browning Kitchen Cutlery Set - Black B322480

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Brand: Browning
Item Number: B322480
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Browning Kitchen Cutlery Set - Black: B322480

Nothing is used more in the kitchen than a good set of sharp knives.  Kitchen knives must be durable, have a variety of blade shapes for specific tasks and remain sharp, especially when used for processing wild game.  The 14-piece Outdoorsman Kitchen Cutlery set has everything neccessary for the home or cabin, including a hollow-ground boning knife that holds a razor edge, game shears and a sharpening steel.  The set also includes standard kitchen cutlery and a uniquely designed carving fork with a pigtail twist so it won't bend when lifting a 10-pound roast from the pan.  The set has a standard chef's knife with an innovative scalloped blade to reduce friction for carving meat, and six elegant steak knives for table use.  Another favorite will be the bread knife, with large serrations, to make slicing warm homemade bread easy.  The knives are made from quality German steel to ensure the Outdoorsman Set will last.  A metal Browning Buckmark is set in the durable injection molded handles.


  • Fixed blade
  • German X50CrMoV15 steel
  • Durable injection molded handles with inlaid metal Buckmark
  • Durable bamboo block

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