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Nemesis Arms Vanquish .308 Rifle - 20" Barrel VANQUISH-20

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Brand: Nemesis Arms
Item Number: VANQUISH-20
Availability: Ships in 12-24 Months
Not Available In:   DC  

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Nemesis Arms Vanquish .308 Rifle - 20" Barrel

The Nemesis Vanquish is the ultimate in take down rifles and is able to be disassembled it in a matter of a seconds and then reassemble just as quickly. It makes it far easier to transport and carry. Additionally it is specifically engineered with a unique locking system for the barrel that allows perfect repeatability every time and the ability to change calibers by just buying a new Barrel.


  • .308 Caliber
  • Quick take down and can fit in a backpack or briefcase
  • Will return to zero after take down
  • 20 inch 4140 Chrome Moly match grade and fluted barrel
  • 10 Round Magazine

*Image is the gun shown with options*

*Does not include Scope*

Additional Information

Specification Details
Item Number Vanquish
Caliber .308 WIN/7.62 x51mm NATO
Overall Length 39"
Overall Height 6.0"/152mm
Overall Width  
Barrel Length 20"
Weight w/o Magazine 12.0 lbs./5.44 kg.
Rifling Twist 1 in 10
Rifling Grooves 6
Trigger Pull  
Magazine Capacity 10


Transcript of Video on Vanquish 308:

Hi, I'm Dave from Nemesis Arms.  This here is the Nemesis Arms Vanquish.  It's a multi-caliber rifle.  You can shoot five different calibers out of the rifle with one magazine and one bolt--243, 260, 65 Creedmor, 308, and 338 Federal.  And again, I said out of one magazine and one bolt.

You can change the magazine and bolt and barrel, and you can go up to a 300 WSM.  But it's the same mag configuration, just a wider wingspread on the lips up top.  

Our rifle compacts down into either a briefcase or a backpack.  It's very easy to disassemble.  If you want to change the just barrel from one calier to another, this is how easy it is.  You simply take the barrel nut off, take the barrel off, and place your new barrel on.  You can use the same barrel nut.  If you want to take the rifle down to complete, to put it into a briefcase or backpack, you lift it up, touch this button here, collapse the stock, loosen the bipod nut, squeeze the legs together, and there you are.  The whole rifle will fit away in a backpack or a briefcase.

Assembled, the rifle is multi-functional.  So when you shoot the rifle, you could shoot it off of the bipod, or you can shoot it from a platform position.  When you're shooting it in a regular stand position, as a bipod, typically you track a target by moving it.  With our system, if you loosen the bottom nut on the bipod, you can track from the bipod. 

If you tracked into an obstructed view or an obstruction from your view, normally you will lift the bipod up to go over the target, but you can actually take ours and lift the bipod up, having a flat platforming surface and laying it down on a surface.  Now most rifles will have an issue with interruption between the magazine and the bolt, but if you simply lift the bolt and pull it back, you can actually see with one finger how easy this is to do, even with pressure on the top of it.

So the rifle will sit and do what you want.  At this point, you can also take the rifle and manipulate it to shoot off of areas that would normally mess other rifles up, because you'd be shooting here, all your dope and data for your scope is off because you're aiming from the side.  If you lift it up, then your rifle's moving.  Millimeters here are yards down-range.  If you take the top knob on the bipod and simply loosen it, you can adjust the bipod so it will fit off of any angled surface all the way to shooting off of walls, off of elevated positions, tracking targets from that point from any angle.

You can also lift the rifle and bipod up, drop the bipod to the side, tighten it down, and shoot it from a wall position, any angled position, and your optics are always upright.  

After that, if you need to hold the rifle, you tighten the top pin, loosen the bottom one, and you can hold it from a stance position.  It's flat and level supported from your elbow to your body.  The balance of the rifle system is underneath the magwell.

The safety is located in the trigger housing and it's ambidextrous.  

When you set the rifle back down in a platform position, you can now also take this and instead of trying to drop a magazine out of the traditional rifle, from this point or position, which usually doesn't work, most people will drop the muzzle down, they'll raise the muzzle up, or they'll roll with it.  In any situation, you're taking your sites off your target and you have to reacquire down range.  With ours, when you run out, you simply loosen the top knob, let the magazine empty out to the right, put it back in from the left, turn it back and tighten it down, and you're ready to shoot again, not having moved your body position at all.  

If you want to disassemble the rifle in a field-strip position, you can take our system here and break it down to six component parts.  The barrel here, the stock, the magazine, the bipod, and the bolt.  You've now disassembled your rifle in a field strip.  When you assemble your rifle back together it has not lost zero.  It's the same zero every time you disassemble and assemble the rifle.

We also use salt-bath nitrate our barrels, our receivers, our bolt tubes.  Our bolt tubes are stainless steel 416.  This will double to triple the life of the barrel, inside and outside.  They're also abrasive resistant, and they're corrosion and oxidization-resistant, because of this coating.

So our rifle is here.  They're lifetime guaranteed.  You can dry-fire our rifle a thousand times a day the rest of your life and never break my firing pin or hurt it, and as I said, our rifles are lifetime warrantied.  

Our magazine is a 10-round A I styled magazine.  It will fit into an AI, as an AI will fit into ours.  Ours is about an inch and a half shorter than an AI.  It is a 10-round double-stack single-feed mag.  

So come get our rifle, go out and shoot it, and enjoy.  Thank you very much.

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