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Rockwell Arms Video of new Sig Sauer P227

Sig Sauer P227 Nitron .45 ACP Pistol - 10rd 227R-45-B

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Brand: Sig Sauer
Item Number: 227R-45-B
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Sig Sauer P227 Nitron .45 ACP Pistol - 10rd: 227R-45-B


The new, remarkably ergonomic SIG P227™. It’s a .45ACP that holds 10+1 rounds — but you’d hardly know it from the thinness of the grip. Take hold of this high-power, high-capacity pistol and you’ll see first-hand how we’ve stacked the odds in your favor.


  • Full-size
  • Fits holsters designed for P220R and P226R
  • .45 ACP Double stack magazines
  • 2 x 10 Round Magazines
  • Double-action/Single-action
  • Integral accessory rail

Additional Information

Specification Details
Model 227R-45-B
Caliber .45 ACP
Action Type DA/SA
Trigger Pull DA 10.0 lbs.
Trigger Pull SA 4.4 lbs.
Overall Length 7.70"
Overall Height 5.50"
Overall Width 1.50"
Barrel Length 4.40"
Sight Radius 6.30"
Weight w/ Mag 32 oz
Magazine Capacity 10rd
Sights Contrast
Grips One-piece polymer
Frame Finish Black Hard Anodized
Slide Finish Nitron®
Accessory Rail Yes
Features Nitron® finish slide, light-weight alloy frame, accessory rail


Transcript of new Sig Sauer p227 Shot Show Video

John:  Welcome to Shot Show 2013.  I’m John with Rockwell Arms here with Tim from Sig Sauer.  We’re going to introduce a couple new Sig pistols that we’re really excited about, and Tim is going to tell us about them.

Tim:  Great.  Thank you.  Our first pistol for this year for introduction in 2013 is the p227.  The 227 is a double-stack .45 acp, so essentially a 220 with extra capacity or a 226 in .45.  Comes standard with a flush 10-round magazine or an optional 14-round magazine.  The grip is a one-piece ergonomic grip.  It fits a lot like what you would feel for a two-piece 226.  So it’s not overly big, fits well. 

Two great features about the pistol.  One is any 220 top-end, carry and above, will swap out of this, so a five-inch or anything you’ve got for a 220 will go onto the 227. 

The other great feature is the holsters.  You don’t need a new holster for the 227.  If you’ve got a 226 or a 220 holster, this fits in right there, so it’s ready to go, no dwell time waiting for holsters.

Again, additionally, we’ll start with four models.  A full-size Nitron we’re holding here.   It’s got the Sig rail.  The next size down is a 3.9 inch barrel carry with Sig rail, Nitron.  The next version is a SAS, which is a 3.9 inch carry, no rail, melted features for carry.  And then the last is actually just introduced, the full-sized tactical version, threaded barrel, SRT, three magazines; one of the magazines is a 14-round.  This is the P227.  

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G. Hagan
Batesville, IN
P227 Wonderful Handgun at a Great Price
I feel fortunate to have found the relatively new Sig P227 at Rockwell Arms. The pricing was very competitive. Excellent customer service and fast (2-day)shipping were experienced. I had the handgun shipped to my local FFL for transfer. The entire process was flawless. I look forward to putting many rounds through this beautiful pistol.

Ed F
North Texas
SIG 227 - First Impressions
This is a very pleasant shooting pistol. The grip size is very manageable for a double stack 45. It's about the same size as my P226 TacOps and I have hands some where in-between a medium and a large glove with shorter fingers. The short reset trigger is truly a joy. Trigger breaks definitively. Recoil feels way lighter than the typical 5 inch 1911. I think this is quickly going to be favorite pistol!