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UTAS UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun Demo, Shot Show 2013 - Rockwell Arms

Utas UTS 15 2nd Gen Laser/Light Combo Installation - Rockwell Arms

How to sight in the laser on the UTAS UTS-15 laser/flashlight combo

UTAS UTS 15 Tactical Shotgun 12ga. - 14rd UTS-15

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Brand: UTAS
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UTAS UTS 15 Tactical Shotgun 12ga. - 14rd: UTS-15

This 15-round, dual magazine, pump-action tactical shotgun features the innovation and design typical of its award winning manufacturer, UTAS. The UTS-15 is built for maximum performance, whether in combat or fast action big game hunting. Although lightweight, the UTS-15 is fabricated primarily of fiber reinforced injection molded polymer and is respected by law enforcement, the military and hunters alike for its strength and reliability. The UTS-15 shotgun has two 7-round magazine tubes, which can feed alternately from right magazine to left magazine or be locked for individual use as in the case of using slugs on one shot and buck on the other. A simple selector will allow you to easily switch modes to accommodate any situation. Muzzle rise is greatly reduced since most of the weight is above the barrel by placement of the magazine tubes on top. Operate the UTS-15 in any position, even sideways or upside down, due to the spring operated shell loading carriage, keeping the shells under constant tension. No matter how slow or fast the action is pumped on this shotgun you’ll get instant shell feeding every time. 

Keep track of how many rounds you have left at any time through the open slot cut into the magazine tubes and the shell counter on the side rail. For harder to see shells, such as blue or green, use the handy white marker on the follower to keep track. The UTS-15 has retractable magazine followers and port doors on either side for reliable, lightning fast reloading. Utilize a variety of sights, whether hunting scopes or combat iron sights, with the full-length picatinny rail and use any 2.5, 2.75 or 3-inch gauge shell with complete confidence and safety and without making any adjustments. The 29” inch length design and optional, built-in LED spotlight and laser night-sight allows for rapid point and shoot functionality, whether for home protection or in the woods, day or night. Switch between the spotlight and laser with just a quick motion of your trigger finger. No other big game shotgun can compare to the versatility and quality of the UTS-15.


*Pictures show optional accessories*


  • Pump Action 12-Gauge Shotgun
  • 18.5" Barrel
  • Dual 7-Round Magazines with Automatic Feed
  • 14+1 Round Capacity
  • Cartridge Counting Magazine Followers and Snap Open Loading Ports
  • 2 3/4" or 3" Chamber
  • Weighs Only 6.9 lbs.
  • Top-mounted Picatinny Rail
  • Primarily Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded Polymer
  • Spring-Assisted Pin Ejector
  • Fiber-reinforced butt plate with energy absorbing recoil pad.
  • Forward, Rear and Mid-Point Quick Detachable Sling Swivel Mounting Points.
  • Fiber Reinforced Flip-Up Stock
  • Field stripping in 45 seconds (No tools required)
  • Optional Internally Mounted LED Spotlight and Laser Sight, Easily Activated.

-  We will install the Optional Laser/Light Combo for an additional $35  -

Additional Information

Model UTAS UTS-15
Caliber 12 Gauge 3"
Total Capacity 7+7+1
Weight Empty 6.9 lbs.
Weight Loaded 8.5 lbs.
Barrel Length 18.5"
Overall Length 28.3"

Transcript of Shot Show Video:

John: Hey, welcome to Shot show 2013. This is John with Rockwell Arms, here with Mark from UTAS to talk about the revolutionary tactical shotgun, the UTS 15. Mark, tell us a little bit about this shotgun.

Mark: All right, John. What we have here is a 15-round, dual magazine tactical shotgun. The total weight is seven pounds, three ounces, unloaded.

The gun has two seven-round magazine tubes, and with the selector set in the standard or middle position, it will feed continuously, right magazine tube to left magazine tube, for all 15 rounds. If you would like to lock out a magazine, if you’re pattern loading with slugs on one shot, buck on the other, flip the switch, locks out this magazine tube, feeds from that magazine tube only. If during that same cycle you would like to go back to alternating, move the selector back to the middle, close the action, and you’re feeding alternately from there forward.

The main mechanism of the gun is right here. It’s standard rotating bolts. This is the feed mechanism, which is basically an upside-down or reverse carrier that you’ll be familiar with from a standard gun. The standard gun will raise the carrier, will raise the shell up into the chamber, where we are actually bringing the shell down to the chamber. Because our magazine tubes are on top and the barrel is in line underneath that, most of the weight is above the barrel, which will allow for a straight back—recoil will be basically the same as any 12-gauge shotgun, but the muzzle jump or rise is greatly reduced.

Another interesting factor is that since the shell is being brought down and this spoon is spring-loaded, the shell is always under spring tension, so if for any reason you wanted to operate the gun in this position with the ejection port open, the shell will not fall out. It will stay there. You can shoot this gun in any position you would like.

To load the gun, loading through the loading port doors on this side, and then also obviously on the other magazine tube, there is a thin slot cut in the magazine tube, so you can see the shells in there, and they correspond with the shell counter on the side rail. It will index down from seven, to six, to five to four. You can always tell how many rounds you have on each side. Some shells, blue shells, green shells, are not quite as easy to see, so we’ve taken and put a white mark on the follower that will again index down as you fire, and you’ll know exactly how many rounds you have in the gun.

The gun comes with or without sights, with or without the tactical door-breaching muzzle-break choketube. This, by the way, is the standard choke tube that’s supplied with the gun. It can go either direction.

The most interesting option or feature of the gun is the built-in point-and-shoot laser flashlight, activated by this simple switch here. The laser flashlight fits in this housing. Sorry to point the gun at you, but in this housing right here. We’ve got a wiring harness, waterproof wiring harness that runs back to the switch. After-market installation is a minute and a half or two minutes by anybody. To operate it, turn it on--your flashlight. You can see that? Goes to laser, and then off.

That is the UTS 15 tactical shotgun. Thank you.


Transcript of Laser Light Video:

This is David from Rockwell Arms, here to show you the UTAS UTS 15, and we have the different accessories here, the tactical choketube, the extended barrel, and what we really came here to show you is the laser flashlight combo.

So here we have for the installation of the laser flashlight combo for the UTS-15.  We’re going to release the fore-end, so that we can get access to the magazine cap.  Remove that, and it will have a plug in the end of it that we’ll talk about later.  Open up the butt stock and the barrel and magazine tube will slide forward, and then we’ll take off the fore-end with the bolt body.  And then we’ll gain access to the plug, where the laser flashlight combo will be mounted.  That plug is meant to come out.  We had asked UTAS about it, and they said it was meant to be removed.

So go ahead and take that out.  It may be easy.  It may be a rubber plug, or they also have a hard plastic plug, but they are meant to be removed, so go ahead and take that out, and then you’ll be able to install the laser-flashlight combo.  So go ahead and slide the button and the chord  through the end there on that tube, and it has some grooves that will lock the laser light into position, so that it doesn’t move around and that it’s stationary.  And take that ring off the button and then go ahead and slide it into the hole, and then that ring will be re-attached to hold it into place.

And then now we will re-assemble, and as you’re sliding it all back together, remember to leave a little bit of room to make it easier to put everything back together as you’re putting the fore-end back on there.  You can see how I adjusted it a little bit to make room for the barrel and the magazine assembly to drop back into place, and then it will all slide and lock in, and then go ahead and remember to take that plug out.  And it may slide out.  And you may have to twist it out.  We had a little bit of complication on this one, but go ahead and remove that plug and put the magazine cap back on and then we’ll do a test here on the light to let you know how it functions--just with a quick easy press of the button there just above the trigger guard on the right-hand side.

And then go ahead and slide the fore-end forward, and you have your fully-functional UTS 15.  

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Eric N. Spear
Oakland, Maine
Brings a tear to my eye!
I too had done a lot of research on both the KSG and the UTS15. I was on a "wait list" with my local dealer for over two years for the KSG. Last October, they finally got one...ONE. So no joy for me. I started looking for an alternative quite a while ago and decided to go for the UTS15. After searching many dealers on the web, I found Rockwell to be the best price AND have them actually "in stock". The whole purchase experience was painless and quick. Today I went to my dealer to pick it up. The UPS guy just delivered it and he hadn't even had time to log it in...what timing! Background check and $30 for transfer and I was off to home. I was shocked to feel how lite this weapon is! But the quality is absolutely outstanding. I am so glad I decided to go with the UTS15 instead of the KSG. KSG pissed me off by 1)jacking the price up by $340 because they were afraid it was going to be banned and 2) couldn't produce enough of them to satisfy demand. Yea, not too impressed with KSG. I might be strange but the shear beauty of this UTS15 brought a tear of joy to my eye. It is lite and easily shouldered (even for me as I am only 5' 4" and sometimes the stock is a little of a reach for my frame). Kudos to Rockwell Arms for having weapons in stock with excellent prices and quick shipping! Only reason I didn't rate it a full five stars is because I haven't shot it yet. It's so beautiful, I might never shoot it. May have to buy another one just to have one to shoot and one to save.

Dreben Designs
Utas for the win
Purchasing experience with Rockwell was great, no issues what so ever. Upon receiving my shotgun, I went directly to the range to give it a try. I slapped on an Eotech sight and hit the lane. I was using 3 pellet slugs and the shotgun worked flawlessly. No misfires, jams, or issues with ejecting. I was very reluctant to purchase this shotgun due to the mixed feelings, and opions. But I am glad I did will make a great Home defense weapon.

omaha ne
Quite a weapon - exactly what I was after. Picked it up 3 hrs ago and gone thru 50 rounds already with no glitches.

Mr Adams
Really nice.
If you're looking for a shot gun to replace the hard to find KSG. look no further. I fist heard a lot of negative crap about the uts. but I had to see it first hand and this shotgun works perfect . maybe they had some issues with the first gen but this second gen works flawless. Not to mention the great customer service that goes a long way over at rockwellarms. Thanks for everything guys.

St Augustine, Fl.
smooth transaction
This, my first firearm purchase on-line, was smooth primarily because of the clear instructions provided by Rockwell on the web site, and secondly because everyone did their part. No surprises and that's what I like. Very nice customer service. Having a few issues with the gun jamming.

Greensboro, NC
Awesome shotgun!
At first, I was a little hesitant about buying this shotgun because of the mixed reviews. Decided to get it and I’m very happy with the purchase! Had it at the range this weekend. Four different people put around 400 rounds through UTS-15, and it worked great, didn’t have any problems. The shotgun was ergonomic to deal with; weight, balance and length are perfect. Special thanks to Joe with Rockwell Arms who helped me set up my order and made my decision easier.

So disappointing
Failure to extract after failure to extract. Yes, you can all blame operator error, but no firearm should be so temperamental causing a complete lack of confidence that it will function properly when needed.

First experience with Rockwell Arms. Very pleased in every aspect from sale, customer service, and honesty in dealing. Will certainly do business with them again. Can't wait to get this baby on the range. Harry

smooth transaction
This, my first firearm purchase on-line, was smooth primarily because of the clear instructions provided by Rockwell on the web site for doing such a transaction, and secondly because everyone did their part. Rockwell, the delivery service, and my FFL dealer all performed as expected. No surprises and that's what I like.

Tom Paul
Sunnyside, Wa
UTAS shotgun
Rockwell arms was great about getting my money back. Many issues. Unshot & shot shells jambed @ ejection. Gun shot only about 50% of the time. When it did shoot, sometimes it would feed another shell sometimes not. You never knew. Spring on the chamber covers went inside my finger a good 1/4 inch, thought I was going to have to get a shot. The gun is made out of a lot of fiber in the working parts!!! Only thing it's good for is hanging on a wall.

Alvin,TX (Houston)
I must have the lemon...
I must start by saying that Rockwell Arms and their staff were great, if I could rate them alone they would be 5 stars. I was disappointed to see that the weapon dropped in price by $200, but on me I guess. On to the weapon, ordered in January, received in April. Laser arrived in July. Went to the range for the first time in August firing both bird shot and 00 buck. I could not even get through 100 rounds. I was consistently having failure to eject the spent shell. Another problem I was having was the bolt would come out of battery, unless I was holding forward pressure on the slide. Finally, the selector switch broke, or at least the screw that attached it broke. I had to ship the gun back to UTAS, at their expense. They replaced the mono block, which has the selector switch, and also replaced my bolt. I got the weapon back in about two weeks. I took it to the range again, this time with only 00 buckshot. Imagine how disappointed I was to go through 50 rounds, only to have a new issue present itself, the incoming shell from the magazine is now jamming in the spring that is supposed hold pressure on the shell while loading. I have now had to send it back to UTAS for the second time. I have yet to receive it back and hope that when I do this time, it is done right. I realize that this review is the only one that is not 5 stars, so perhaps mine is an anomaly, but this has been my experience thus far. UTAS customer service is good. They shipped the weapon at their cost both times, and answer all my emails and calls. So far for me this weapon has proven unreliable. This experience will make me think twice, or avoid buying new to market weapons. I do not know if this review can be updated, but I will try to update or post a new one as to result of my drama.

Why didn't Rockwell take it to the top?
Not semi-auto. Why bother?

New Jersey
Just received my UTS15 great little piece of equipment, will be a great range toy. excellent experience with rockwell arms as well very professional and very helpful when it came to dealing with my FFL dealer all around great experience will definitely order from them again

Rick Karle
Fantastic weapon and Fantastic service. Instructional videos were a big help. Thanks David for the great service.

New Hampshire
Very Pleasant Experience
I was very skeptical about such a purchase on line, especially when every local dealer had none in stock, and could not get any for weeks to months. The pricing I found from the few who claimed to have any in stock was $150-$300 more than here at Rockwell Arms. There was one dealer who had it for the same price as Rockwell Arms, but they ordered them after they received your payment. They also claimed a 1-3 month wait, and that was the only way to sell them that cheap. They said you won’t find anyone with these in stock at this price. Guess they never heard of Rockwell Arms! I placed my order on a Saturday night, and the gun was shipped first thing Monday. You cannot ask for quicker service than that. Actually things were going so smooth; I was worried this was a scam. It took a week for UPS to get the shotgun to NH, but when it arrived, I was very pleased with my purchase. Excellent customer service, and pricing. I would definitely recommend Rockwell Arms to my friends and family.

Wes Willcutt
Very unhappy customer
I bought this shotgun, even after seeing some pretty negative reviews. I should have listened to them. The gun wouldn't cycle through any ammo, no matter the type, without crimping, without jamming, or without my having to physically jiggle the springs within the tubes to get the gun to feed. I called Rockwell arms, and they said the only help that they could give me was the phone number if the gun maker, Utas. I left a message telling them of my plight, but after three days, no call back. When I finally did did get in touch with a rep, he was rude, cut me off, and said the phone number was all he could do. Very disappointed, not only with the weapon, but Rockwell arms as well.

San antonio, tx
Received gun today. Experience buying it with Rockwell arms was awesome. Weapon looks interesting and fires and destroys target. I have 250 rounds i need to use later this week.

UT man
Just a heads up, the grip may look like a AR grip but its not.Just wanted to make a quick note and say,that statement is incorrect.A regular ar15 grip fits.You may have to modify somewhat,but no major issues.Also I found the best way to replace it was with a 45 pierce grip and then put 45 grip plates onto that.I think mine looks ok with gold tigers on the grip.Rifle ran flawless underwater,in sand and around the wet conditions I live in.You can also stuff 24 rounds of 1 3/4 buckshot in it.I owned 2 KSG shottys before this one and I now own 0 KSG's and 1 great UTAS.

Allyn Washington
The UTS-15 Shotgund
First, Rockwell Arms has outstanding service. The UTS-15 did not have any feed or operation problem in 60 rounds of 12 Ga. 2.75" #6, buck, and slug. there have been some changes like the open top magazines. They now have slots in the side. The fowlers white marks now show in the slots for round count. There may be other changes that I could not see. The pattern is about 8 inches at 10 yards, and 24" at 25 yards for # 6 shot. Weight is 8.2 lbs. without the flashlight laser acc. I will be installing it when it comes in. The accuracy is good enough to hunt with.

Richard Hoang
Houston, Tx
Received my UTAS! I have to admit that the whole experience of purchasing online was easy. I got my laser/ light combo installed and hitting the range tomorrow.

David Sheffler
Laclede, ID
In the two weeks that I have had my UTS-15 I have put just over 100 rounds through it. It is very simple to field strip and clean and it is very easy to interchange the Tactical Choke Tube and the Extended Barrel. My Laser/Light Combo came in yesterday and it is very simple to install and effective and fun to use. Everybody should get a UTS-15!!

Jason Elbert
Middlesex, NC
Zombie Stopper Extreme!!
I received my UTS-15 from Rockwell Arms yesterday and I gotta say, I am in love! First let me say, my first experience with Rockwell Arms was awesome! I was told it would be approximately three weeks. A week after ordering, I had a tracking number. I lucked out and got an early shipment. I had some issues with my FFL getting his stuff faxed over and Rockwell helped by contacting him directly and got the issue resolved. The gun itself is much lighter than I expected. The front and rear sights that come with this shotgun are actually pretty nice and co-witness perfect with a Eotech. Just a heads up, the grip may look like a AR grip but its not. I tried to replace it with both a Houge and a TacStar and there was a significant gap with both. I haven't shot it yet so performance has yet to be seen but so far, I am very happy. I look forward to receiving my muzzle brake and light laser combo in the near future. Thanks for reading. Jason

Urbana, IL
Shoots Great!
Used it with several brands and types of ammo and the gun performed flawlessly. Takedown for cleaning is super easy too!