Used Winchester Model 1892 Rifle for Sale - .25-20 WCF C1-WIN-1892-2520WCF-24R-B

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Brand: Winchester
Item Number: C1-WIN-1892-2520WCF-24R-B
Status: Discontinued
Not Available In:   DC  

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Used Winchester Model 1892 .25-20 WCF 24" Rifle for Sale: C1-WIN-1892-2520WCF-24R-B


This is an original Model 1892 in .25-20 WCF. It is considered by many as the smoothest, most compact, handiest and most beautiful lever action ever offered by Winchester. The Model 1892 was Winchester's follow-up to the Model 1886. The 86 was designed for large hunting/military calibers of the 1800s, like 45-70. Soon after it's development, the call went out for a new (but more compact) lever rifle suitable for pistol calibers. Soon John Moses Browning produced the Model 1892 prototype for Winchester -- and the rest is history.  This Model 1892 is in excellent mechanical condition with a 70% overall finish.


  • Excellent Mechanical condition, 70% finish
  • .25-20 WCF with a 24" barrel (11rd)

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