Kimber Firearms

Kimber firearms are manufactured right here in America.  From the beginning of the manufacturing process to the end, American hands skillfully craft the raw materials that make Kimber excell.  As a result, Kimber stands alone at the crossroads of quality, price, and availability.  You really have to step back and gaze at these firearms to fully appreciate their exceptional beauty and class.  And they're not just good-looking.  The features are amazing, and from any other manufacturer, those features would only be available in custom models for hundreds (if not over a thousand) dollars more.  Furthermore, Rockwell actually has many Kimber pistsols for sale and in stock.  Rockwell also has many Kimber rifles for sale.  If your choice is not in stock, just pre-order it, and we'll get it ordered right away.  If you change your mind, you can move your $25.00 to another of our Kimber guns for sale or just apply it to any other purchase.  We're here to please!