Sig Sauer P238

The market is king, and when SIG SAUER began hearing from its customers that they wanted a smaller handgun with the same performance and endurance as its larger frame pistols, SIG SAUER proved its allegiance by designing the P238.  The P238 is one of the sharpest-looking subcompact pistols in the world.  With 30 different versions, the P238 offers a stunning variety for everyone in the subcompact market.

The .380 ACP punch gives the P238 the power you need in a subcompact, and the variety of grips and other features gives the the P238 the versatility it needs to keep King Market happy.  Rockwell Arms has many of these firearms in stock, and for what is not in stock, you can always place your order for a $25.00 fee.  Once the gun comes in, Rockwell Arms will contact you and collect the balance due on the gun.  If you change your mind before your gun arrives, just move your $25.00 onto something else.  

The P238 is the perfect gun, and Rockwell Arms is the perfect place to buy it!