Kimber Pistols

No one makes a finer production pistol than Kimber.  Almost every component of each pistol is manufactured in-house, so that Kimber can ensure that every pistol meets its sky-high standards.  The result is a pistol unmatched for durability, performance, and style.  You just can't do better than a Kimber pistol for all these characteristics.

Having said that, the word most commonly associated with a Kimber pistol is "beautiful."  "That gun is absolutely beautiful!" From the butt plate to the front site, every part is manufactured, not only with function in mind, but with a heavy emphasis on how the gun looks and feels.  So when you pick up your Kimber from your FFL, remember to bask in the beauty of the gun for awhile.

And don't forget to buy your pistol from Rockwell Arms.  We are direct with Kimber, and we have many in stock.  If you can't find the pistol you want in stock, you can pre-order it here for $25.00 and pay the balance when your gun arrives.  You can't go wrong!